Black Bay is solely focused on areas where we have deep expertise. We selectively look for investment opportunities where our unique experience and capabilities enable us to bring value to each business beyond a source of capital. Our firm values are guided by a desire to take care of our people, empower our portfolio leaders, and protect our communities through a firmwide focus on best practices for environmental, health, and safety matters.

High Value-Add

We make investments in companies with products and services that address key market needs, alleviate industry pain points, and create efficiencies for their customers.

Expertise Across the Energy Spectrum



Drilling, completion and production-related technologies, products and services that address key pain points, reduce costs and/or improve efficiency for oil & gas operators



Direct investments in (i) companies that develop and operate both greenfield and brownfield midstream assets; (ii) products, services, and technologies to improve run-time and reliability of mission-critical infrastructure assets; and (iii) storage and capture projects and facilities


Specialty Chemicals

Businesses that leverage deep technical expertise and unique chemical solutions to improve production, reduce lifting costs, and serve as more sustainable, drop-in replacements across the energy and industrials space

Characteristics of a Black Bay Company


Proven Team

Management team has deep industry and product line knowledge and experience


High Value-Add

Addresses a key market need or pain-point that generates easily quantifiable return for customers


Barrier to Entry

Products or services with a defensible competitive advantage through technology or unique know-how


Strong Unit Level Economics

Assets generate strong return on capital invested

Typical Investment Profile

Typical  EBITDA:
Sub-$25 Million

Differentiated products and services that are commercialized

Equity  Investment
Up to $30 Million

Ownership: Control preferred, but flexible

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