Black Bay Energy Capital fully aligns its investment strategy with a defined ESG approach across our portfolio. Our commitment to workplace safety, environmental stewardship and social responsibility operates hand-in-glove with our goal of creating long-term value and delivering risk-adjusted returns to our partners. We often serve as the first institutional capital provider to many of our portfolio companies. This allows us the unique opportunity to work directly with management teams to define, implement, and continuously evaluate ESG-related policies that reflect the local communities, employees, and geographies our companies work with and for.




Black Bay works with its portfolio companies to maintain a positive environmental track record. We seek to invest in companies with products and technologies that can economically improve the environmental footprint of their clients’ operations.



We strive to build a steadfast culture of safety with our portfolio companies. Health and safety initiatives, underpinned by training and job hazard analysis programs, represent greater stakeholder awareness of potential job site hazards and ensure a lasting change in the behavior of employees.



Black Bay emphasizes greater board accountability to our shareholders and stakeholders, and we appreciate the value-add of independent board directors with increased diversity outside of traditional oil & gas markets.

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