A Fundamentally Different Approach to Energy Investing

We are helping build great companies that will transition the energy industry to stronger profitability, safer operations and more sustainable business models. We achieve this through our sector focus, partnership-oriented values, growth mindset and thematic investment strategy.

Understanding What Works –
And What Does Not

Building a successful energy technology, product, or service company requires deep sector experience, leveraging critical lessons learned and lots of hard work. The Black Bay team strives to better understand the complexities and challenges of building these businesses, enabling us to be true partners to entrepreneurs.

Working for Our Portfolio Companies

Our culture at Black Bay empowers company leaders to build sustainable, category-defining energy product, technology and service businesses. We work for our portfolio companies and are dedicated partners through every step of the process.

Private Equity for the Next Step in Energy

A sector-focused, high-growth portfolio grounded in core principles - deliver value to clients, investors, and the community. We effect business transformation through investments in people, infrastructure, and technology. These investments aim to improve our customers’ experience and elevate the roles our businesses play for their respective communities, employees, and the environment.

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